A Formal Complaint Against… Myself

Dear Sirs,
In 2011, the number two of Polish Psychological Bulletin, published my article entitled
Thirty-Five Years of Research on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP Research Data Base. State of the Art or Pseudoscientific Decoration?” Soon after its publication a heated discussions on Internet arose, where one of the proponents of NLP (the name will be disclosed to the editor) threw accusations against me and the Editor-in-Chief – prof. Dariusz Doliński, of failure to disclose a conflict of interest. According to him the fact that the author is the co-owner of a training company which applies a different approach than the NLP should be disclosed when the article was published. The second, more serious according to the author of the accusations, source of conflict of interest is the fact that prof. Dariusz Dolinski worked for the mentioned company performing a job involving the conduction of a few hours of training within a single cycle, entitled: “School of difficult situations for managers.”NLP

Since the publication of the article, accusations have been publicly announced by the author a few dozen times both during my lectures and in many places on the Internet (in Poland and abroad). I asked him on a number of occasions to report the perceived conflict of interest to the Editorial Advisory Board of PPB or the Commitee of Ethics of Science. He did not do that till this day.

Since the activity of the author of the allegations is intense in their spreading and maintaining and in my opinion it does not favor neither the image of the Polish Psychological Bulletin, nor its Editor-in-Chief, nor the Editorial Advisory Board nor myself, I would like to make a formal complaint against Dr. Thomas Witkowski, author of the article published in PPB and its Editor-in-Chief – prof. Dariusz Doliński for violating ethical principles in the publication mentioned in the introduction to the paper. I ask for an astute consideration of this matter and, in the case of the recognition of the aforementioned fault, to draw all possible consequences of the violation of ethical principles against them.
Dr. Tomasz Witkowski

This is the answer to my complaint.

Another paper on NLP in English: “A Review of Research Findings on Neuro-Linguistic Programming” published in  The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practices.


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