Prof. Susan Blackmore about “Psychology Gone Wrong. The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy”

We have the honor to get an opinion about our book from one of the  30 most influential psychologists working today – prof. Susane Blackmore. She wrote:

Are you convinced by the latest claims for brain power, hypnosis, memory decline or the dangerous effects of video games? Are you tempted to waste money on a fancy new therapy and convinced that at least it can do no harm? Then read this book first and you may change your mind.

Do you need a therapist? Are you convinced there’s something wrong with you and a wonderful new kind of psychotherapy will help – or that an ancient technique revealed for the first time will transform your life? If so, buy this informative and alarming book instead. ‘Psychology Gone wrong’ reveals the muddles, motivations and even the outright frauds that mean much of the popular psychology we consume is meaningless – and may even be harmful.


More about the author of this opinion on her web sites:


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