Why do we enjoy reality TV?

More than two months ago Christian Jarret, the editor of Research Digest asked me to become a guest writer. I took the challenge and this is my debut in Research Digest. Although only few days passed since the publication of this article, also Science Info published it: http://scienceinfo.net/science/the-real-reason-we-love-reality-tv-has-nothing-to-do-with-watching-people-get-humiliated.html. It found its place in the classification of the  Notey.com, among others in the category  “The best of reality TV”: http://www.notey.com/blogs/reality-tv

Enjoy reading!

Why do we enjoy reality TV? Researchers say it’s more about empathy than humiliation

10060586965_48caa648e4_kBy guest blogger Tomasz Witkowski

Television programs portraying ordinary people in unexpected situations are almost as old as the medium of television itself. First aired in 1984, Candid Camera is often seen as a prototype of the reality show. Its premise was simple – unsuspecting people were confronted with unusual, funny situations and filmed with hidden cameras. However, the genre exploded as a phenomenon in the late 1990s and 2000s with the global success of such series as Survivor, Idol, and Big Brother, and to this day many people continue to abandon their own activities for the voyeuristic other. Read more…


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