Fith anniversary of the “Psychology is Science, not Witchcraft” Campaign


Today, it’s been exactly five years since the “Psychology is Scence, Not Witchcraft” campaign was launched. I think it’s a very good occasion to remember it’s assumptions and goals. Below you will find the description of the campaign which appearred in the Skeptical Inquirer. 

The expansion of information technologies resulted in an „arms race” between  pseudoscientists and skeptics trying to expose false claims. Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and mobile technologies help to easily reach thousands of people. Nowadays, spreading myths is much easier than it used to be in XX century, but so is exposing them.  However the fundamental problem (how to appeal to wide audience with proper scientific evidence) still remains and cannot be easily overcome by technology. Skeptics struggle on how to engage an average member of the public into critical thinking. Thinking can be a painful process and many people believe in myths that cannot be easily disproved. How to put some doubt in minds indoctrinated for decades? How to break through the wall of propaganda raised by commercialized pseudoscience?ed9e056593dc643293d0aada6654132d

One of the most efficient ways to overcome this problem is to present critical thoughts in a catchy, fresh, creative and simple forms that would appeal to many and force individuals to reflect on the subject. An extraordinary, striking thought presented in an appropriate way can easily reach the media and the public – just as viral videos (or internet memes) spread around the world.

Read full pdf article from Skeptical Inquirer


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