“Psychology Gone Wrong” and “Psychology Led Astray” in the “SKEPTIKER”

For all of you who know German I’ve published reviews of my books written by Rouven Schäfer and published in the SKEPTIKER. To read them just click on the link below the cover of the SKEPTIKER. Enjoy reading!

Time for the Cleaning

Psychology Gone Wrong Skeptiker Review

Hard, but factually, the authors go to court with some developments in psychology. Their concern is cleaning up the house of psychological science. Thus, this book also serves as a declaration of love to science. It enriches the assortment of the skeptical book market, and even though it doesn’t always present solutions, it helps raising the reader’s awareness of errors and undesirable developments.
Rouven Schäfer, Skeptiker 2/2016

Landing in the Jungle

Psychology Led Astray Skeptiker Review

The author is clearly interested in an evidence-based psychology as the next development step of this rather young science. Many people wouldn’t approve of his criticism, but Witkowski’s strength lies in questioning popular assumptions on top of a high level of reflectivity.
Well researched, skeptical and enjoyable to read.
Rouven Schäfer, Skeptiker 3/2017

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