Thinking Ahead: Susan Blackmore, Diego Fontanive, James Randi, Tomasz Witkowski

This is a video material recorded during the 17th European Skeptics Congress in Poland, 2017 by Diego Fontanive from EOF project. Below you will find his description of this video. Enjoy watching!

This is a long teaser of the film documentary ”All Is Not Well”.
The material used in this teaser has been extrapolated from interviews with Dr. Susan Blackmore, Psychologist Tomasz Witkowski and former magician James Randi (‘The Amazing Randi”).
There are videos from the past we can watch today which have summarised accurate predictions about the future (our present) by highlighting very important elements, elements that at that time we ignored merely because most of us were not prone to think ahead also ”thanks” to their educational system. The reason behind the decision of mankind this video look like an old footage came into being precisely out of this fact.
The aim of these conversations is to highlight the importance regarding reforming education and what types of propositions can be considered and actually applied.
The approaches and explanatory frameworks of analysis of and in these discussions involve memetics, memes, science, evolution, religion and indoctrination, biology, experimental education, technological memes, third replicator point, the condition of critical thinking, viruses in the mind, the chaotic world where we live and its probable future, metamemetic thinking, metaeducation, theory of the mind, artificial intelligence, Universal Darwinism, psychology and bad psychology.

For further information about the film; check this Facebook page:
All Is Not Well

Official HQ trailer:

Full lecture ”Metamemetic Thinking and Sketicism as a Meme” at the European Skeptics Congress 2017, Wroclaw, Poland:

For any question regarding the film and film aside regarding of EOF Project, Metamemetic Thinking and EOF’s Metaeducation programs: check the Project’s page:

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