After 12 years my Sokal-style hoax is still alive and well

It’s been 12 years since I managed to publish an article dedicated to a new type of psychotherapy, which appeared in the Polish popular science journal Charaktery under the title “Wiedza prosto z pola” (“Knowledge straight from the field”). My article contained nothing but falsehoods and fantasies with no scientific basis whatsoever and included plagiarized passages added by the editors themselves. I am the author of the article and it was written under the pseudonym “Renata Aulagnier.”

Today, after 12 years archival copies of the magazine containing hoax article are still on sale on the publisher’s website. You can buy them here:

However, you would be wrong if you suppose that you will find in the issue any correction or information that the article contains untruths. Readers can still fall for the bullshit so hastily published 12 years ago.

You can read one of many descriptions of my hoax in POOR POTHECARY by Ray Girvan:

Polish Sokal-style hoax Thursday, 8 November 2007

Another place where you can read it is  Random Journeys through Science:

Polish `Sokal hoax’ Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Also here:



A more detailed description of my hoax and discussion you can read here:

Witkowski, T. (2010). Psychological Sokal-style hoax. The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practices, 8(1), 50-60. PDF version: Hoax


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