“Shaping Psychology‬” reviewed by Science-Based Medicine

On December 29, 2020 a review of my new book Shaping Psychology: Legacy, Controversy and the Future of the Field written by Harriet Hall was published at:

Science-Based Medicine


Meet the Psychologists

In this book, you will meet 16 of the most prominent people in psychology in conversational interviews that reveal their thoughts about the current state of psychology and its future. Enlightening and entertaining.

Psychology is more popular than ever, but it has been criticized for scandals involving fraud, failed replications, and assisting torture. Many people believe psychology is in crisis. Some even question whether it can legitimately be called a science. Before he became Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger expressed concern that psychology posed a threat to religion, was responsible for empty monasteries, and had superseded theology. Tomasz Witkowski’s new book Shaping Psychology: Perspectives on Legacy, Controversy and the Future of the Field provides an intriguing look at the current state of psychology, its problems and possible solutions, and hopes for the future.

The format of the book is unprecedented. Witkowski interviewed sixteen of the most outstanding scholars and thinkers in psychology. If you click on the link, you can see the list of contributors.  Read more…


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