Brian Nosek about my new forthcoming book “Fads, Fakes, and Frauds”

Prof. Brian Nosek, director of the Center for Open Science, initiator and coordinator of many replication projects, recognized in 2015 by Nature as one of the 10 most influential scientists in the world, in a review of my new forthcoming book Fads, Fakes and Frauds: Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychotherapy wrote:

People want to understand themselves and their purpose. The need for meaning creates opportunity for one’s desires or good salesmanship to dominate over the truth. In this provocative book, Tomasz Witkowski illuminates the struggle between science and pseudoscience, particularly in the search for meaning and well-being. Witkowski leans into challenging topics like victimhood, suicide, and false accusations with literary force and a clear desire to pursue the evidence wherever it leads. His critical eye even confronts science as an institution, the ostensible counterweight to pseudoscience, as vulnerable to similar biases. Finding the truth, it seems, is not a matter of deciding which sources to trust, but of embracing a process of skepticism and evidence-seeking that is always willing to revise understanding, even of our most treasured beliefs.

Fads, Fakes and Frauds: Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychotherapy will be released this year by BrownWalker, which has previously published two of my other books:

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