Roy Baumeister about my new forthcoming book “Fads, Fakes, and Frauds”

Prof. Roy F. Baumeister, one of the most influential social psychologists scientists in the world wrote a Foreword for my new forthcoming book Fads, Fakes and Frauds: Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychotherapy. Here are some excerpts:

(…) Tomasz Witkowski’s book, which you hold in your hands is an intense blast aimed at the comfortable notion that culture is about building a shared, truthful vision of the world. Error, bias, and distortion infest all manner of human thought, individually and collectively. Many people prosper in human society, not by advancing the collective understanding of the truth, but indeed by promoting and disseminating falsehoods.

     Indeed, while reading this rich and entertaining book you are likely to find yourself (as I found myself) laughing, moaning, and shaking your head. Not only is the extent of falsehood in human culture far greater than I, at least, had naively assumed — even the faith in progress toward truth will be shaken here. In some respects, such as in his insightful analysis of victimhood culture, falsehood may be on the rise. (…)

By providing so many lively and fascinating instances of cultural falsehoods, Witkowski’s book does a great service to those of us who still cling to the hope that truth will win eventually and aspire to move things in that direction. The path ahead to the eventual triumph of truth is at best very long, at worst hopelessly blocked. And apart from concern about society, the book is informative and entertaining. I wish you a pleasant albeit sobering read!

Fads, Fakes and Frauds: Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychotherapy will be released this year by BrownWalker, which has previously published two of my other books:


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