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This book is a fascinating voyage into inglorious and disgraceful areas of modern-day psychology and psychotherapy. Author reviews them from the researcher’s point of view and asks for scientific sources of modern concepts. Unfortunately, in most cases he discovers emptiness…

This book is an absolute “must have”, not only for psychology students but also for lecturers – who still feed Freud, Jung, Klein, Wilber or post-Freudian psychoanalysis to their students.  If you have ever considered buying a “self-helper” with a NLP ad on the cover, if you talked to presuming psychoanalyst or if were lured into “new, miraculous therapy” by your crazy friend (yes, everyone has at least of those!), then after reading this book you will feel much more confident when stepping on the swamps of psychology.

My feelings oscillate between shock, surprise, fascination and delight. Shock and surprise, because I was not aware that such enormous part of psychology and therapy is based on such weak foundations. Fascination and delight, because this book is excellent written, with passion.

I cannot predict how this book will be received in the “environment”. I personally feel overwhelmed by the fact that so many abuses and misconducts are done in the name of science. Witkowski targeted his own playground – psychology. But let’s do not forget how many similar frauds take place, for example, in medicine? In every case of human misery and misfortune, in every cry for help, in every lack of hope and in wherever there is money, fame or power at stake – there is a potential for abuse. Witkowski’s book show us how we allow ourselves to be manipulated and reveals how fraudsters, thieves and maniacs parade camouflaged under the banners of science. Highly recommended and very sad lecture.

Brilliant book that reveals immunity of scientific community. It is hard to imagine how much nonsense was never detected and how many of us (including me) believe in them. Highly recommended!

Very good book. Eye-opener. It turns out, you cannot always trust university professors… You cannot always trust doctors; people who promise help, often actually cause us harm. All for fame and money.

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  1. In your book, “Psychology Gone Wrong”, you attributed, “The map is not the territory” to Mcluhan. This is incorrect. Korzybski said it.

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