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Reinhold Messner once said: I am what I do. This is a good excuse not to write about myself but to show myself through what I do – booksarticles, research findings, opinions and other accomplishments. If, however, there is a need to write about oneself, Messner’s statement is also a good starting point to write without falling into the trap of one’s own opinions and projections. I am, therefore, first and foremost a psychologist/writer, as writing has been taking up a great deal of my energy and time in recent years. I write about psychology and allied disciplines. My writing is accompanied by a deep concern about the future of my branch of science. On the one hand I am convinced that what is valuable in science has become so elitist that it is beyond the reach of an average person; on the other hand charlatans and tricksters take advantage of this, preying on the misfortune and ignorance of others. In my books I try to bring science closer to the average reader. My latest project, called Forbidden Psychology, is an attempt at ‘cleansing’ psychology of trickery. Will I succeed? Time will tell… If Messner’s statement also holds true in the past tense, i.e. I am also what I did, I am also an academic researcher and teacher. For many years I worked at the Institute of Psychology at University of Wroclaw. I spent a fascinating year at the Institute of Psychology at Bielefeld University in Germany, where I was honoured to meet distinguished social psychologists. I spent some time doing research at University of Hildesheim, also in Germany, and more recently I worked at Warsaw School of Social, for a few years. Lately I’ve established cooperation with University of Malta. At present I teach classes and give lectures at universities only sporadically. However, all these years were enough to fill me with empiricism and scepticism, which never leave me. Moreover I am the founder of the Polish Skeptics Club. In 2010 I was awarded as a Rationalist of the Year in Poland. See also my:

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  1. Hi Tomasz, my name is Alessandro, I am an Italian scientific journalist. I am writing a piece on psychotherapy, is there any email address I can reach you at?

  2. You write about the dark side of sciences (psychology), but you miss dark organizations? America is turning into a toxic dark organization now. I got this from reading Howard Stein and Linstead et al and others.

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