APS – Association for Psychological Science

Retraction Watch

Is Psychology a Science?

Daniele Fanelli



TELL, the Therapy Exploitation Link Line

Therapy Consumer Guide

Tana Dineen – Manufacturing Victims

David Smail – Social Power and Psychological Distress

Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece


Advocates for Children in Therapy

 When Therapists Drive Their Patients Crazy

Escape from the Center for Feeling Therapy

Characteristics of Pseudoscience


Skeptic’s Dictionary

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      • I’ve written a booklet called “emotions explained”, essentially positing a new psychological model. Your expertise appears to include reviewing such things for their validity / credibility. I’d refer to my work as a logic-based interpretation of well-agreed-to concepts. I don’t have the funds to support research at this point so I’ve been looking at having people like yourself review it to tell me if you’d consider it pseudo or protoscience vs. a valid (and revolutionary?) theory. It’s a 90-minute read. My email is

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