My Books

In English:

Witkowski, T., Zatonski, M. 2015, Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy.  BrownWalker Press, Boca Raton.

See description and reviews in Amazon.

Witkowski, T. 2016, Psychology Led Astray: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy. BrownWalker Press, Boca Raton.

See description and reviews in Amazon.

In Polish:

Chełpa, S., Witkowski, T. 1995, Psychology of conflicts. 1st edition.

Witkowski, T., (ed.) 1998, Contemporary methods of personnel search and selection.

Chełpa, S., Witkowski, T. 1999, Psychology of conflicts. 2nd edition.

Witkowski, T. 2000, Psychomanipulations. Recognizing and dealing with them. Fragment in English

Witkowski, T. 2002, Psychology of lying.

Jarmuż, S., Witkowski T. 2004, Trainers handbook.

Witkowski, T. 2005, Machiavellian intelligence.

Witkowski, T. 2007 (ed.) Personnel selection.

Jarmuż, S., Kossowska, M., Witkowski,T. 2007, Psychology for trainers.

Witkowski, T. 2009, Forbidden psychology. Between Sorcery and Science. Vol. 1

Witkowski, T., 2013, Forbidden psychology. Cargo Cult Science and its Fruits. Vol. 2

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